What's a Bull Bar and why is it a valuable addition to any Truck or SUV

A bullbar or push bumper is a device installed on the front of a vehicle to protect its front from collisions, whether an accidental collision with a large animal in rural roads, or an intentional collision with another vehicle in police usage. They range considerably in size and form, and are normally composed of welded steel or aluminium tubing, or, more recently, moulded polycarbonate and polyethylene materials. The "bull" in the name refers to cattle, which in rural areas sometimes roam onto rural roads and highways. Bull bars from Black Horse Off Road boast solid steel coverage for your truck or SUV. Guarding against dings and dents has never been easier with our durable, high-quality bull bars. Whether you're in the market for stainless steel bull bars or black powder-coated bull bars, Black Horse Off Road features bull bars in numerous styles and finishes, so you can easily find the best match for your tough truck or SUV.

Create a tough, heavy-duty look on your truck’s front end while providing bumper and grille protection and improved night visibility. For nearly two decades, Black Horse Off Road has been committed to providing the best quality, innovation, prices and customer service in the Automotive Accessories Industry. We understand that our strength and success are based on the respect we have for our customers, employees, factories, and the duty to serve our nation and community. Take your riding experience to another level! The heavy-duty steel bars Black Horse Off Road Max Bull Bars not only gives a strong and stylish look, but also provides increased front-end protection to your vehicle and passengers from collisions. It is customized to fit the specific design of each vehicle. The durable steel construction is made for long-lasting use and free from rust and corrosion.

The Max Bull Bars are available in stainless steel or black powder coated steel. Get yours now! Black Horse Off Road has been serving the Automotive Aftermarket Industry with reliable service and innovative products for over 15 years. We have grown over the years from a small local automotive accessories wholesaler to a nationally respected brand. In addition to our growing product lines, we have expanded our operations throughout North America. We now have facilities in Georgia, South Carolina, and New York. This enables us to meet the increasing demand for our products and allows for on-time delivery.

Our R&D team will continue to narrow the gap between functionality, appearance, and resilience with all of our award-winning products. Black Horse Products in polished finish and in black powder finish are covered by a limited lifetime warranty and a 3-Year warranty, respectively, to be free from defects in material and workmanship from the date of purchase. This warranty does not apply to any Products that have been subjected to misuse, mishandling, misapplication, neglect (including but not limited to improper maintenance), improper installation, or alterations. Add a perfect finishing touch to your vehicle with Black Horse Off Road accessories!

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Eliana 12/11/17 10:20:12 AM

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