Front End Protection: Bull Bar and Grille Guard Choices

If you are looking for quality protection for your vehicle and passengers, you need to prepare for your daily commutes with a quality Black Horse Off Road Bull Bar or Grille Guard. But which is which? And how do you pick the right one for your, let's say Toyota Rav4? The number of calls we receive and online inquiries we respond to will leave you surprised at the amount of people every day people who do not know the difference between a grille guards and a bull bars. Whether you drive a Ford Escape or Honda CR-V, continue reading for more information on how to decide on which bull bars or grille guards provide the protection you are looking for.

Toyota Tacoma Bull BarSame Same, But Still Different: Grill Guards or Bull Bars

For the most complete front end protection for your Ford Escape or Nissan Rogue, the Grille Guards would be our go to item, especially when combined with a brushguard to protect your headlights. If your are looking to keep things clean and simple without changing the look of your Chevrolet Equinox front end appearance, Bull Bars are the choice for you, offering simplified protection upfront by focusing on the middle bumper area of your vehicle.

The decision between a grille guard or a bull bar is pure personal preference. If what you are looking for is rugged off-road style, you are most likely leaning towards the purchase of a grille guard on your Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Cherokee, or Jeep Grand Cherokee. Designed specific to each vehicle, the Black Horse Off Road grille guard compliments your vehicles factory design to flow with its original lines. The Black Horse Off Road Grille Guard is made from heavy-duty steel that will give your Toyota Highlander the ultimate front-end protection. The robust material is highly resistant to rust and corrosion and the upgrade has ideal mounting point to accommodate auxiliary lights on your Honda Pilot, making it perfect to drive around almost anywhere and anytime! Setting up is made smooth and easy because it doesn't require any welding or drilling on most vehicles like the Toyota 4Runner. It has direct bolt-on installations and can be easily attached to your vehicle's chassis. For added protection, check out our tail light guards.

For those of who prefera more simplistic approach while still providing frontend protection to your Subaru Forester,you'd be leaning more towars one of our sports bar set or max bull bar set ups. These are also specific to your vehicle and focus protection on the most vulnerable areas of your car, truck, or SUV. This sport bar is made from heavy-duty steel for a long-lasting use. Installation is made smooth and easy because it doesn't require any welding or drilling on most vehicles like the Kia Sorento orMazda CX-5.

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