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If you are putting larger wheels and tires on your vehicle, fender flares are an essential part of the upgrade as in most states to be street legal it is necessary to cover any exposed rubber protruding beyond the body. Apart from the legal aspects ,our flares are designed to add to the styling of your truck, adding an aggressive look to your truck ,with a wider stance. Black Horse flares will add up to 3” to the width of the fender and up to 6” in height. Precision vacuum-formed in automotive-grade high impact black ABS plastic, which is resistant to UV light ,weathering and common automotive chemicals, and will also protect your paintwork from road debris, and minor scrapes. All of our flares are pre-drilled to fit precisely into factory mounting points wherever available, all mounting hardware is supplied, and in all but a few cases no drilling is required. Your paintwork is protected by a self-adhesive extruded rubber gasket that prevents the sharp edges of the ABS from coming into contact with the paintwork. Black Horse Fender Flares come in two styles:- Bolt-Head and Traditional. The Bolt-Head style reflects the competitive off road racing styles, without having to drill holes in the fenders. The traditional style reflect the OEM look of factory flares. All of the Black Horse flares are no drill,with a few minor exceptions. All of our flares are designed to accept automotive paint ,if you wish to color-match or contrast your vehicle paint finish. We strongly advise you to check with your paint supplier to ensure that the correct undercoat, and topcoats are applied . We have recently upgraded our warranty to Limited Lifetime to reflect the high quality of the product.

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