Front End Protection For Your Truck and SUV 2022

Black Horse Off Road builds 4 categories of front end protection to give our Customers the broadest choice possible for customizing the front end of their vehicle. 


Full replacement heavy duty steel bumpers (we have steel rear bumpers also) for extra protection, not only are they more resistant to impact, they also have a higher ground clearance than factory bumpers and the ability to add  auxiliary lighting deigned into the bumper.    

Grille Guards are steel or aluminum guards custom designed to mount in front of the factory bumper and give full height and width protection  to the front end of the vehicle, and also have the ability to mount auxiliary lighting on them.

Bull Bars are steel or aluminum bars usually with a 2 or 3”  bent tube outer frame custom designed to protect the more vulnerable lower  sections of a vehicle from  minor damage, and also have the ability to mount auxiliary lighting on them


Front Runners are custom fabricated tubular steel or aluminum guards designed to mount level with or below the front bumper usually in 11/2” of 2” tubular steel to protect the lower regions and underside of the vehicle and paintwork from road debris or minor damages.




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